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19 survival tournament all of u you post ur scores n waves here

posted Aug 10, 2010 09:00:46 by harddude
Amount of attempts: 7(7)
Faction: Elf 10051

P= power

1st wave: 1p vampire counts n 1p liches
2nd wave: 3p liches from all sides
3rd wave: 1p sphynx guardians from all sides
4th wave: 12p rouges from all sides
5th wave: 36p spawns from all sides
6th wave: 25p enchanted gargoyles from all sides
7th wave: 42p recruits from 2 sides and 1p tree folk also from 2 sides
8th wave: 3p liches from 2 sides and 5p lizard assailants from 2 sides
9th wave: 15p frenzied griffins, 4p ladons and 9p anchorites
Not crossed this stage :D

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Blue-Boy said Nov 16, 2010 08:52:31
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